Life Changing



Stones of Meaning

Theta Healing is a form of energy healing that is similar to life coaching or counseling; the main difference being that rather than just talking about your stress, the energetic block is identified and released completely. It helps to change limiting beliefs into empowering ones so that you can accomplish your goals faster. 


Imagine what you could do if you consistently had positive thoughts about yourself and others! Limiting beliefs, which are largely the result of painful events from the past, prevent us from realizing our potential. When you free this emotional baggage, you can finally experience optimum health and fulfilling relationships.


Emotional stress is at the base of nearly all illnesses. Anxiety, insomnia, back pain, auto-immune disorders, headaches, depression, PTSD and panic attacks are just some of the conditions that respond very well to Theta Healing. 


Everything is energy. Our physical bodies are energy. Our thoughts are energy. Our health is all about energy. When a person gets sick, there is an underlying imbalance, whether it is physical, spiritual, emotional or mental. When the body is free of stress, it is able to heal itself quickly and naturally.



Individual Sessions

Individual sessions are just under an hour long. You will have the chance to free the emotional baggage that is relevant to you at the time.  You will walk out feeling lighter and more clear about your direction. You can choose to focus on physical issues like joint pain, or emotional issues. 

Sessions may be done in person, or over the phone. 


Some people want to get out of pain, some people have the goal to overcome a traumatic experience like a divorce or the death of a loved one, and others want to do a deep cleaning of as much of their baggage as possible to set themselves up for success. Of course, similar to exercise and eating healthy, it's always a good idea to maintain a healthy emotional state. If you don't deal with your stress sooner rather than later, it could manifest in disease or cause trouble in your relationships down the road.
Some emotional baggage can take 3-6 sessions to release due to the fact that the imbalances come off in layers. Just like training to run a marathon, you have to gently work with the body to clear emotions as they are ready to be released. There is usually a processing time necessary to let the body achieve and re-establish balance as it clears away layers of stress. Be patient with the healing process, if your condition is severe or long-lasting, it may take some time to resolve.
Similar to counseling, most Theta Healing clients have regular sessions about once a week or once a month to maintain low levels of stress and to process negative emotions that come up in a healthy way.