"Monica Scott is an amazingly powerful healer, which you will immediately feel when you go to see her. She's worked on my back as a chiropractor and also done ThetaHealing work with me to resolve issues that have stemmed from my past. 

The other day my back I went to see her, and my back which had been driving me nuts for almost a week resolved itself before she even touched my back. Healing radiates from her being so strongly, that sometimes you just need to be in the same space as her to get the results. 

I also had had a hip issue, that had been bothering me for almost a year, and when chiropractic care didn't do the trick, she pulled out another spiritual frequency tool and it disappeared in an instant. This girl has multiple tricks up her sleeve, so that she can support her clients in healing from all angles.

As far as ThetaHealing goes, I've been a believer in it for awhile, because of all the magical results I've seen with it, and finally chose to get certified myself because Monica was the one teaching the course. 

She's truly a beautiful soul."

-Bethany 5/1/2017

"Monica is a delightful person. She has knowledge of Thetahealing, nutrition and she is also a chiropractic. She can help you dig in on your core values at spiritual level. I found out a lot about myself with her help. I would definetelly recommend her services!"

-Regina 3/23/2017

"Monica's gift and ability to hold the space for healing to take place is something you feel right away. The overall energy of this weekend's Theta healing seminar was peaceful, curious, honest, loving and clear. There were profound shifts I experienced and huge realizations I came to for the first time in my 34 years of life. I am very grateful for all that I learned and highly recommend Monica for the amazing work she does."

-Kibos 9/11/2017

"I have been seeing Monica for Energy Healing work and chiropractic. I'm feeling amazing! my first time there I was nervous, but after the session I was feeling great, light, and with good energy! She is amazing! I highly recommend her services."

-Fernanda 8/2/2017

"Monica's healing was life changing. Monica is trusting and so professional. It felt great to release my negative energy and even better that she was by my side to guide me through the whole process. I can honestly say my body felt physically relaxed after our session together and my mindset was already channeling different thoughts the next day. She really allowed me a space to open up about the feelings holding me back in some areas of my life, and guided me into what's next. I recommend Monica to anyone looking to release negative energy, feel better, and move into the next level of their life. I am excited for our next session!"

-Christina 7/26/2017

"I just completed my first session with Monica and I feel so much different and so much lighter than I have the last few days. I've been working with different types of healers for years now, and I was very excited and grateful with the results of my session and left with a new understanding. She has a very wide spectrum of knowledge and is easy and comforting to talk to. A wonderful experience!​"

-Christie 6/9/2017

"My experience with Monica was incredible. 15 minutes into the healing session I found my body start to relax and I suddenly felt incredibly balanced. I prepared myself for the session by grounding myself on one specific thing I wanted to shift in my life--staying connected and intimate in relationships. And WOW. Not only have I noticed that connection now comes easily for me, I have received feedback from others that I am not checking out and seem to be very present. I highly recommend Monica's healing work--you will not be disappointed!"

-Kate 6/12/2017

"Doctor Monica is always so friendly and professional. When she starts adjusting me, she knows exactly where I'm sore and what needs to be adjusted. Her hands go right to my sore spots even before I remember to mention them. It feels SO awesome when she adjust me! Every time I get up from the table, I feel fresh and light. I even feel taller. I've noticed my posture get better."

-Tessa 4/9/2017

"I had an ankle problem that it was really bad for a long time, i had to cancel a marathon in February, then i had signed in for another marathon in May, but i had a lot of pain and i was scared to run again then i met Dr Monica in a meeting and we talked about chiropractic in general and she told me that she could " fix my problem" and i thought: really? I like the confidence she had, and i looked at her, i said she looks skinny and i never had a female chiropractor and i decided to see her once and if i liked her adjustments and style then i would continue, i said to myself; it turned out really good! I could run my marathon in May and my ankle is a lot better and she is helping me with other problems as well.  ( i was seen another chiropractor before) and I don't regret it giving Dr. Monica a chance she is great, and sometimes we go by the way people look, don't get me wrong, she looks good but very young and like she doesn't have experience, i was totally surprised of how good she is!"

-Juan 5/15/2017

"Dr. Monica Scott is not only a highly trained chiropractor, but she has an intuitive sensitivity with which she applies her chiropractic knowledge. I have gone to many excellent chiropractors, and in my book, she holds a position at the top of the list. Thorough analysis, immediate pain relief, energy elevated and I  have referred many people to her that have been delighted! "

-Laura 6/5/2017

"Listen, any ailment that your body has accrued from sport, exercising or life itself, can be magically dispelled by the hands of this fine being. Monica is attentive to the needs of all functionality, with confirmation of her practice in her touch. She comes highly recommended by her conversation alone but enjoy her craft in the process. Thanks Doc!"

-Matthew 9/23/2017

"Dr. Monica is fantastic! My body always feels so much better after getting an adjustment with her, especially after I have put my body through a lot of stress. Highly recommend"

-Sarah 9/17/2017

"I live on the other side of the country in Maryland, so I do theta healing sessions with Monica over the phone.  Working with the subconscious through belief systems I have found extremely valuable and important.  Theta sessions always impart incredible value, with a new understanding of myself that often include tools moving forward.

For chiropractic on my few visits to California I look forward to coming just to ease the discomfort in my neck, though obviously I have several reasons for my trip.  I'm grateful to Monica for enriching my life with her healing practices."

-Ian 4/25/2017

"I met Monica through a friend who bought me a session with her because I was going through some challenging times. The original purpose or intention was to try Theta healing but it would be an understatement to say that is the only reason I meet with her on a regular basis. The time I have spent with Monica has been the best "therapy" I have ever received. It has been a unique mixed of Theta healing, body work, and energy healing. It has allowed me to release  negative energy that I knew was blocked and has also helped me identify and release negative energy I did not know existed. If you believe in the power of positive energy and want to learn life changing tools, I highly recommend making an appointment. I have only had one actual adjustment from her, but that was excellent as well!"

-Kelly 4/12/2017

"I have never been to a chiropractor before and didn't know much to expect. Doctor Monica was very professional and super patient. She took the time to explain to me what exactly was happening to my body and what she was adjusting. She made made me feel at ease and comfortable during the whole time. I will most definitely recommend all my friends and family to go see Dr. Monica!"

-Pedro 4/9/2017

"I've been adjusted a few times now by Monica and I couldn't be happier!! I could feel the difference immediately after and the next morning. I was having pain and tightness in my upper body and neck which she worked on and explained how my posture was effecting that. Afterwards I felt immediate release in tension on my neck. The day after I felt less stiff and my headaches I would usually get throughout the day were gone. I also really enjoyed her explanations of what she was doing. I felt really comfortable since i knew what she was going to do, especially when she was working on my neck. I would highly recommend Monica for anyone looking for a more comfortable and personal setting then a doctor's office while getting adjusted. Can't wait for my next adjustment!!"

-Rich 11/5/2017

"I started working with Monica a few weeks ago at the recommendation of a friend.  I was having some personal and health issues that she has and continues to use her healing techniques on.  After each session, I feel like I've lost 10 pounds of emotional baggage.  You must be willing to do the work, which means being vulnerable by opening yourself up to her.  Her questions are thought provoking and make you ponder the issue or root of the issue in a way you could have never done without her.  Although our sessions are via phone, I feel completely comfortable sharing with her.  I highly recommend working with Monica!"

-Michele L.   9/2/2017

"Monica Scott is a very talented healer. I have worked with several different healers over many years and Monica is making the biggest impact. I have suffered with autoimmune conditions for over a decade. Monica has many different methods she uses to get to root of issues and after just a month and half of working with her, I have greatly improved. She is so light and bright that you can't help but shine after working with her."

-Tracie L.   8/2/2017

"My first session with Monica was so amazing and freeing! Ive never experienced this type of energy work before, but man am I a believer!  I've been going through a divorce and really struggling with holding onto old patterns and pain. In only one session, we were able to address some core issues and do some healing that I didn't even know I needed to have done. Her energy and voice is so calming and welcoming- you just know you're talking with someone who cares and is there to help! I look forward to working with her on a more ongoing basis to live a life that is healthy, full of love, and truly honors me."

-Jessy   8/28/2017

"This woman is the best! I tweaked my back out and THAT very same day, she made a house call to help adjust me. Most of her practice is focused on theta healing but she was kind enough to do a Chiropractic session with me. Didn't charge me extra, came to my house late at night. Her attention to your health is above and beyond. She is amazing! Really wants to help you feel better, takes her time, implements energy healing if you are so inclined. She works on you to heal you, not just a quick session and you're out the door. "

-Cassie   9/28/2017

"Monica is amazing I have done a few sessions with her , since then I have feel relax , calm however last session with did ,  I had so much pain in my leg I couldn't walk I was ready to go into the emergency room , call her that day she came and did what she knows best how to do and with the love and passion she puts I was able to walk and the pain was less ,  the next day I I had no more pain and walking  .. Thank you Monica you are amazing , I will definitely recommend her . "

-Hilda   7/1/2017

"Monica is truly a compassionate, personable, and skilled Theta Healing professional. I had a Theta Healing session with her over the phone and experienced letting go and healing, as well as shifting things that were once very challenging for me into more ease. Since then I have continued to experience this ease and ability to think differently about the things we talked about. I'm very grateful for my experience and would recommend anyone schedule a session with Monica."

-Sarah 6/26/2017

"Would it be too much to call her "Monica the miracle worker?" OK, maybe so. But what she is: skilled, caring, personable, and just what I needed to get my travel knots and mis-alignment all straightened out.
This review is for an on-site adjustment while I was in Pasadena, CA for 4 days.  She took all the time needed to get everything back to as good as possible, given that I only had one treatment.  Asking lots of questions and making observations about my history with adjustments and headache & pain management, she identifies the areas I need to strengthen for better maintenance of my body. 
In the ensuing two weeks: the red-eye plane trip back was best sleep on a plane in a long time, the next few days were pain-free with out trying. Slowly I've felt the need for an adjustment returning; now the task is to find her equivalent here in Laurel. MD. (But even so, I *will* connect with her when I'm in LA again!). 
Thank you Monica for getting me into a healing path!"

-Bert 6/25/2017